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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My first encounter...

This is something I'll remember... my first blog... But I figure if I enjoy reading other people's blog, why not start one myself.
First of all, something about ME. I am actually born and raised in Germany, found love in the US (long story), moved back to Germany with him and lived there for about eight years. Then moved back to the States, lived in Colorado and then settled here in Milwaukee. As a German, that transition was the easiest, it's just such a great fit and I just love the Midwest.
Anyway, I have ALWAYS painted and experimented with a whole variety of media. I ended up graduating with a Marketing Degree from my German university. After working for a few years, I became a stay-at-home Mom and discovered it would be perfectly fine to pursue my desire to create art. Always curious about watercolor, I began taking classes - I immediately fell in love with this technique - the colors are vibrant and come alive, once you put them on paper.
Painting fish really started when we moved to Colorado in 2000. Two boys and a husband spend ALL their free time fishing. Watching them was exciting, but not THAT exciting, so I decided to take my small travel watercolor kit along and paint whatever they were catching. I started painting trout for family and friends but was then encouraged to sell my Artwork. I have had a LOT of positive feedback on my pictures, that now also include Salmon, Musky, Pike, Bass,
Walleye, Crappie and other sport fish.
My first show for this year will be the Port Washington Fish Days - Mark your calendar! It's happening on July 18!
So long for now,


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