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Monday, June 7, 2010

The colors of the bluegill. put a certain type of fish on paper is a process, as you can imagine. My goal is to portray that particular fish as close as possible so that the fisherman will recognize it as that type of fish, that he happily pulls out of the water..on the other hand..I got to be happy about the result and want it to look like one of mine..easy to recognize. People ask me all the time, how long it takes me, to paint a fish..well, if you consider everything from rummaging through images to watching the fish being pulled out of the water, going to Cabelas and Discovery World to get a good look at them in an aquarium..well..then it's a rather long time. You see, I never quite keep just sort of adds up and it's done when it's done...

And with these thoughts in mind, I'd like to post a couple of versions of my of them is waiting to be finished with some ink and then he'll be ready to be delivered to his new home..

Next on my list, by the way, is a female Steelhead...a beautiful and elegant fish. I'm looking forward to studying every detail.

Have a great June!