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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Art Fairs vs. Craft Fairs...

The Port Washington Fish Days...
First thing I learned is that their 'Art and Craft Fair' is really just a minor sidekick to the main event (the entire Art/Craft Fair space is rather small).
Second thing I learned is that I need to concentrate on Art Fairs only. I certainly felt like the odd one out here, since the large majority were offering crafts. I had a lot of people look and great comments on my artwork but I think people were in general expecting to spend less on purchases at the Fair, more likely $20,- and under.
Nevertheless, I received a lot of great input from artists, fishermen, event organizers and made a connection with a gentlemen who is promoting to farm perch commercially.
As for now, I will concentrate on completing my long list of commissioned artwork. I'm definitely ready to go back to painting after matting 100 and some pieces.
All in all I was grateful that the HEAVY RAIN didn't start until it was time to take everything down AND that I had a tent to stay dry in.

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