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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family Staycation

Let's see. Summer 2009, another Staycation for us. One of the main reasons are the kids' sports schedules. Nobody in Europe would understand that you would give up traveling so your kids could play a sport. Silly, right? Now alright, we figure we stay around here and relax and what happens? Lucky us, visitors come from far away places and we all of a sudden become their home away from home. So while we Staycation, they vacation... I must say I feel a bit exhausted already and our next visitors, consisting of 2 adults and 4 children are coming next week, less than a week after our first summer guest leaves. Now, I am thinking to myself, what are we doing wrong? If it wasn't for all the summer guests we could probably afford a nice cruise to the Caribbeans....but maybe I shouldn't be thinking that way. Because of course I love having friends and family visit, but maybe next time we could VACATION together... somewhere else - where I don't have to cook and shuttle kids around... just hold that thought...well, maybe next year.

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