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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Fish Lady of Wisconsin...

Now, my husband has been calling me this for a while, but maybe I was a little hesitant at first to accept this title. As of lately though, since I have been getting more and more involved with growing my business, I am starting to appreciate the 'magnitude' of it - and - I mean, why not. Looking around, there aren't that many people dedicating their artwork to just ONE object, let alone a WOMAN painting fish. The latter especially seems to puzzle people.But, you know what, in this economy anything that makes you different is a bonus, even if it means that you are know as 'The Fish Lady of Wisconsin'.

I always like to add a couple of pictures, so this time I would like to present one of my products, the 11x14 inch Trout w/dry flies. It always feels good when a project has been completed, because then you can start the next one. Watch for my Smallmouth Bass of Wisconsin!

Before I go, if this blog makes you feel like you want to go fishing...make sure you stop by at the Fly Shop on 9617 W. Greenfield Ave. - they know their stuff!

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